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GNA REVOLUTION Soccer  club is a tax–exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization 100% of the club dues go directly to supporting this program. Our goal is to provide a competitive soccer experience for the children of Gahanna Ohio, New Albany Ohio, Bexley Ohio, Columbus Ohio, Central Ohio and surrounding Ohio communities.

GNA REVOLUTION Soccer Club is a member of Ohio South Youth Soccer Association and US club soccer. We form teams at all skill levels in Mid Ohio Select Soccer (MOSSL) and Buckeye Premier leagues.


GNA Revolution
P.O. Box 307301
Gahanna, OH 43230

Board of Directors

President James Norman
Vice President Daniel Neary
Secretary Kristen Anderson
Treasurer Matt Yost

Wayne Pace

Rep Vince Poliseno

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GNA Revolution Mission

The GNA Revolution Soccer Club mission is to help foster young players’ physical, mental and social growth so they can reach their potential in life through their participation in soccer. We will achieve this by teaching life skills, encouraging personal achievement through dedication, teamwork, and sportsmanship. GNA REVOLUTION strives to provide the highest quality staff, facilities, environment and curriculum to give players the tools to succeed.

How we support our community

Each year GNA REVOLUTION offers two college scholarships to deserving soccer players from the Gahanna/New Albany communities. We also look for other ways to support our local communities through food drives and clothing drives.

GNA REVOLUTION also sponsors Gahanna Lincoln high school soccer program.

GNA Revolution Principles:

  • Remember we are coaching children not just soccer
  • Youth Soccer is a Kids Game
  • The game should be a fun learning experience
  • Coaches, parents, Directors, Administrators, and Board Members(Adults) should not let ego or personal gain get in the way of what is best for the children. 
  • Don't judge success on winning and losing, but on the players improvement and enjoyment
  • Soccer Development is a long process. GNA REVOLUTION should not look for the quick fix or have a win it now at all cost mentality. This can lead to the recruiting of players, out of control egos, and player burn out.
  • Quality is better than quantity

GNA Revolution Soccer Philosophy:

  • GNA Revolution Soccer Club"Complete Soccer Player" Philosophy: developing an understanding of the techniques, skills and tactics necessary to become a complete soccer player.
  • The complete player:
    • Is comfortable with the ball and uses appropriate techniques on demand and under pressure.
    • Has an understanding of the game.
    • Understands the roles and responsibilities associated with attacking and defending.
    • Is comfortable in all positions or areas of the field.

GNA Revolution Objectives:

  • Have Fun
  • Convenience; Affordability; Community
  • To provide the youth of Gahanna, New Albany, Bexley and the surrounding areas a soccer program that promotes the integrity of the game of soccer, develops individual skills and team concepts, teaches participants to become complete players and develop a love for the game.
  • To provide high-quality Instruction and education for players coaches and parents.
  • To provide a great experience for players from U9 through high school.
  • Promote personal satisfaction and enjoyment of the sport


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