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GNA Academy Program

GNA Academy Program

By James Norman, 06/15/18, 7:30PM EDT


Join Anytime

Players can join this program at anytime.


REVOLUTION ACADEMY players will continue to build on the skills learned through the Revolution Jrs. Academy. Teams have joined a new local player development platform for Under-8  and Under-10 boys and girls in the Columbus area that features teams from other top clubs in the area. Founded with shared values and aspirations of creating a truly player-centric environment focused on technical development, style of play, sportsmanship, high coaching and parental behavioral standards.

The unique setup and partnership aims to mirror U.S. Soccer's standards in order to form a player-centric environment. According to U.S. Soccer, the measurement of success in Zone 1 is “improvement of ball skills, understanding of the rules of the game, playing fairly and learning general game principles.”

Players will be asked to attend a tryout with no cuts and can join anytime.

Training focus at this level:

The legendary Johan Cruyff said it best in a previous blog post entitled ‘Teach the Basic Skills,’ 

“We really need to pay attention to the basic skills: passing, stopping a ball, heading, kicking.  If we fail to do so, it won’t be long before no one will want to watch football anymore. I watch all football but rarely find it interesting.  I see way too much pinball football.  The ball just goes to and fro, with teams unable to hold onto it.  There are very few players who can dominate the ball – mostly it’s the ball that dominates the player.  The coaches and trainers ought to take that to heart, as they are the ones responsible.”


Time commitment for the REVOLUTION ACADEMY are:

2-3 events a week during the fall (beginning in mid August, ending in mid October)
2-3 events a week during the spring (Beginning in March, ending in May).

Once a week OPTIONAL training beginning in November and ending in January or January to March